Grand En Tri clothing brand is for the Bold, confident, & unapologetic dresser! Effortlessly; commanding attention entering any event, room or venue. She owns the room!
Grand En Tri strives to empower generations thru fashion to never give up on themselves; never be afraid, to BE DIFFERENT; love yourself, regardless of your flaws; reinvent yourself when needed, express your mood thru fashion; follow your dreams & execute; manifest the life you deserve; be loyal to a fault; standout, never fit in; have the why not me?! Attitude; and know that you’re made for Grand En Tri(S). Always make a Grand En Tri.

Grand En Tri, founded in 2017 by Ms. Jackson, who proclaimed her journey into the fashion world at the age of 12. Growing up Ms.Jackson was not able to afford the latest clothing trends, as other kids. So, the little fashionista began to mix & match her clothing from local thrift stores, creating her own styles while setting trends. She started sketching designs at the age of 16, partnering with her aunt to sew them into reality.

Designing clothing for her friends and locals for birthdays, holidays,and/or events. Her designs gained popularity which encouraged her to open a store at a local market in Naranja, Fl. The store was called the “Boo-tique” where she sold her custom designs, jewelry & accessories at 18 years old.

Motivated by the success of the “Boo-tique” she wanted to expand and go bigger. She set her eyes on opening her very own storefront boutique that carried all her designs. As she did at the age of 19 the “Pink Monkey boutique” was born. It was the first of its kind in her town; customers came from all over to purchase her designs who became regular patriots.

Ms. Jackson’s purpose behind her dream was to bring a luxury yet affordable place to shop in her community while inspiring young women or men that dreams are attainable. The Grand En Tri clothing brand is nothing short of her journey, proof THAT dreams are attainable and reclaimable!